The Bin Experts

UI Engineer

Client brief

The Bin Experts are specialists in cleaning bins, one of the least overlooked breeding grounds for various illnesses. Located in Australia, The Bin Experts provide their services, to both, residential and commercial clients.

Problem statement

Although physically able to deliver their services, The Bin Experts found it difficult to reach out to clients and offer a simple way to book their services.

Product scope

I was given the task of implementing a simple web form to help The Bin Experts to gain more bookings by potential Australian clients seeking bin cleaning services.

My role as a freelance UI Engineer was to cater to our client, The Bin Experts as soon as possible, meaning there was no strict timeline, but they needed it fast.


My Project Manager, Arshad and I sat down on a Skype call with Bruno, the founder of The Bin Experts to get the details of the project.

Bruno had already researched on the look-and-feel of the online web form which will act as a temporary web site until they can invest more time to design and implement a full-fletched website. We were also given the list of data they required of the user that requests for the bin cleaning service.

With all the requirements and an idea of the UI Bruno had put together, I set down to work on implementing the web form using html, css and jquery/javascript.

The Bin Experts website on desktop The Bin Experts website on mobile

We reached out to Bruno via Skype again and he was thrilled the web form was up and running. Although, not mentioned we added clickable elements, as a bonus feature, for the telephone number and the email address appearing in the top banner. This was, so that customers can click on either and will be immediately directed to a phone call, or their default mail client on their desktop.


The Bin Experts, were very happy with the bonus touches we added despite not mentioning them in the initial requirement gathering.

The Bin Experts have a full-fletched website now at The Bin Experts.

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